Without an effective workforce management tool, how do you analyse and forecast your business needs? Are your staff in the right place at the right time?

Understanding your past and present is critical to preparing for the future. This is why a central tool for seeing how staff are performing, predicting future business needs and ensuring staff know what is expected of them should be your next business consideration.

And here’s where Call Design comes in. We have the power to implement robust demand forecasting and workforce management solutions that are designed to put confidence in the hands of both employer and employee. Additionally, our offering is a cost-effective, cloud-based tool in the form of Aspect WFM, bringing this global enterprise-level service to Australian businesses both large and small.

Workforce management for Australian businesses

Call Design is one of Australia’s most trusted suppliers of Aspect workforce management software. With our expert guidance, we can quickly help office managers get access to its suite of capabilities, such as forecasting, data analysis, staff management and staff empowerment. With this information, you’ll have better awareness of your employees, their productivity, and the future of your business. Plus, you’ll be able to plan a raft of budgetary and strategic scenarios to prepare as appropriate.

Some of Aspect WFM’s features include

Forecasting is a key strength of Aspect WFM software. It lets office managers accurately plan and predict business peaks and troughs, giving them a complete picture of upcoming staffing requirements. Additionally, it can compare historic patterns with infinite “what-if” scenarios to estimate shrinkage, help budget planning and work out how much customer communication is expected to arrive – whether it be calls, emails or chats.

Contact centre, back office and retail environments can be fast-paced, with thousands of dollars on the line. That’s why Aspect WFM’s robust scheduling tools are essential for any office manager. Annual leave management, staff productivity monitoring, performance monitoring and day-to-day staff schedules are all key components of the software. You can always ensure agents are in the right place at the right time with the right customers.

One of the major reasons we recommend Australian office managers adopt Aspect WFM is its ability to empower staff. It opens a two-way channel between employees and their managers – agents can request leave or swap shifts quickly and efficiently with one another, while at the same time having a clear, transparent and real-time picture of the business’ needs and where their performance and schedule fits into it.

Deploying any new piece of software across a business is intimidating in and of itself, but Aspect WFM is designed to be simple to use, quick to learn and pleasing to look at. Its interface pulls from the sleek UI design of major companies such as Microsoft, Apple and Google, and users confident with software from these tech giants typically find Aspect WFM simple to operate.

Be honest with yourself – computers aren’t as popular as they used to be. Almost everyone has a smartphone, and Deloitte found that three-quarters of Australians are on a 4G network. If you’re going to upgrade to a modern WFM solution, make sure it suits modern tastes. Call Design can provide Aspect WFM via a traditional perpetual licence model, or with Aspects SaaS model, and then there are the Call Design user based apps for Android and Apple users. With this, managers have company data literally at their fingertips, while staff are able to access their schedules wherever and whenever it suits.

Why choose Call Design?

Choosing Call Design isn’t just choosing to buy a product, but a partner. Since 1999, we’ve been an Australian leader in the workforce optimisation space, not just because of the superior solutions we offer, but our superior service.

When you sign on with Call Design, one of our consultants will either come to your office or work remotely to figure out how best to integrate Aspect WFM into your existing infrastructure and business processes. We’re not here to ask that you work with us – we’re here to work with you. Through our four-step consultation process, we’ll review your business and its goals, and ensure that we are offering the best possible service to meet your strategic objectives, and more importantly, your dream for the company.

Not only that, but we offer on-site training in all of the tools we offer. We understand how complicated it can be to figure out a brand new piece of technology, especially something with as many moving parts as workforce management forecasting and scheduling. Our team of experts can bring your managers and staff up to speed on all software being integrated into your business, and our 24-hour contact centre is on standby to assist should you ever require additional assistance.

So what are you waiting for?

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