Understand your true position

Every single touchpoint in your contact centre has an impact on your overall position. Understanding your true position is a critical step in preparing for improvement and change. This is why a reference model for assessing your business is important and allows you to visualise how your business is operating at all levels to identify which areas require focus. Taking your strategy and assessing both the capability and maturity of each domain allows you to design a prioritised improvement program with the biggest impact.

Call Design has developed a robust reference model that is designed to support health checks that cover the whole organisation. The science behind the ‘heat map’ that these health checks provide is the basis for structured, multi-year programs of improvement or targeted ‘quick wins’ that can bring about immediate benefit.

Workforce Optimisation and Beyond

Call Design’s consulting team has extensive experience in workforce optimisation practices and technology. We understand the changing dynamics of contact centres and partnering environments and have embraced new ways in which to optimise performance including the use of intelligent automation, AI, and gamification. Staying on-point with the customer experience and employee empowerment, Call Design helps identify the true capabilities of your environment by extending beyond forecasting, data analysis, or employee programs. Aided with the right insights into your contact centre, you will find that our plans and execution programs are best-in-class, giving you the highest return on investment.



Accurate and Actionable Contact Centre Improvements

Call Design has over 20 years of experience consulting to major enterprises, globally. With our expertise and insight, we can quickly help managers determine if they are focusing on the right areas of improvement to their operations. With the constant changes and shifts in emphasis that are characteristic of today’s environment, understanding your true capabilities in forecasting, data analysis and/ or staff empowerment as an example, is vital. With this information, you’ll be able to plan and execute improvements with the greatest impact.

The Call Design Reference Model©

The Call Design Reference Model ensures comprehensive coverage of all the domain areas required to operate and optimise your contact centre.


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