When a contact centre runs inefficiently, it’s on you to identify the root cause and offer a fix. But identifying a root cause is easier said than done. It would seem that for every issue, there’s another manager or colleague stepping up with their idea of a solution – some of them might work, others may not. Speculating on a problem is a gamble, and every gamble costs money.

If you find yourself in a situation where you’re too close to a problem to be able to objectively articulate what’s wrong and how to improve it, it’s time to call in the experts at Call Design.

Consulting to improve your contact centre

At Call Design, our goal is always to work closely with our clients to carefully optimise their processes, whilst improving customer experience and engagement. We have a long history of delivering a premium-level contact centre consulting service in Australia, and are proud to say we are one of the country’s leading experts in workforce optimisation and training. It’s thanks to this long history that we’re confident we can diagnose and improve almost any issue that could befall a contact centre. With our extensive experience in this area, the lessons we’ve learned along the road could be the key to helping your business’ future.

Our contact centre consulting service involves a highly tailored approach to business improvement. We don’t offer a generic solution because we know that each of our clients is unique. Call Design’s consultants are experts in the needs of Australia’s contact centre industry, working one-on-one to provide a service that moulds to our clients’ existing practices and the solutions that will work best for their individual company infrastructure.

Who is Call Design’s consulting service for?

Our clients range from Australia’s leading major enterprises right down to the backbone of the economy: the SMB market. Because we approach each client differently, we can easily match our service to suit the size and income of your company.

So if you’re a contact centre office manager looking for a cost-effective consulting service backed by years of experience, Call Design should be your first port of call.

How does Call Design’s consulting work?

Call Design’s contact centre consultancy service comes in four steps: review, design, adopt and optimise. As we pass through each of these key phases, our experts develop an intimate understanding of your existing processes, the issues they face, and the solutions that can help. These could be staff training courses, performance management workshops or even new workforce management tools to streamline day-to-day operations.

Our goal is to provide a holistic contact centre report that covers all these bases and more. For example, we can offer advice on scheduling and forecasting, quality management and the QA cycle. We’ll look at your leadership and staff performance, professional development and KPIs, and can offer coaching and feedback. In the sales environment, we provide guidance on scripting and outbound management, and consult on IVR routing. And that’s just a snapshot of where we can help – as a tailored service provider, if we identify a need in your company, we’ll work with you to implement the right fix.

Additionally, our Call Design experts can also pick and choose from our other industry-leading services if we feel they will suit your business needs. These services include:

Our courses cover coaching team leaders, improving quality management, training workforce planners on the essentials of WFM, and more.

We are Australia’s leading provider of the globally renowned WFM platform Aspect. This modular tool has powerful scheduling and forecasting applications, and can empower both leaders and staff with fast access to critical information and its easy-to-learn interface.

Modern contact centres need modern tools, which is why we offer Aspect WFM through the cloud. This immediately cuts costs for businesses looking to install the platform, and makes its management incredibly simple.

We understand that problems don’t just arise in the standard 9-5, so our knowledgeable contact centre staff are available for contacting 24 hours a day.

Call Design is the right choice

Call Design has been leading the charge in contact centre optimisation since 1999. Our focus is always on getting results, and we’ve built a strong reputation as one of Australia’s most trusted contact centre consultancy services.

So what are you waiting for?

We’re confident that if you need help optimising your contact centre, we’re the people to talk to. If you’d like to learn more, get in touch with us today.

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