Modern contact centres have to meet a higher standard of service than ever before.

Staff members are expected to increase the quantity of their customer interactions while raising the quality of the experience for everyone involved.

These two priorities can often clash with each other – your team is rushing to answer as many enquiries as possible but they also want to provide exceptional service into each of your interactions. It’s a problem that can only be solved with the right tools and the right training processes.

That’s where Call Design and the Aspect Dialler (AD) come in. The Aspect Dialler gives organisations the tools they need to effectively enact the various campaigns run through their contact centres. Our team at Call Design is here to make sure you are using the tool in the most effective way possible – from training your team to integrating the product with your various systems. Let’s take a closer look at why AD and Call Design are such a dynamic duo.

What can the Aspect Predictive Dialler do for you?

AD leverages world-leading technology with multiple dialling and advanced pacing options, campaign and call list management, all while providing industry-leading voice, modem, pager and answering machine detection. Not only does it help you improve the productivity of your team members but it allows them to provide your customers with the best experience possible. This is possible due to some stellar software features, including:

This feature enables managers to set a call-to- agent ratio on which to base automatic dialling. The system will not begin dialling until enough agents are logged into the company systems – the more people that log in, the faster the pacing is set.

This tool allows managers to set a time for which an agent can view an outbound call record before the system automatically places a dial.

There are sets of complex algorithms that determine the precise pacing of calls. This is the feature that controls that. It takes a variety of variables into consideration including time zone, do-not- call lists and other dynamic filtering measures.

This function minimises the number of calls waiting for an agent by adjusting the actual number of calls dialled to the availability of agents at a given time during the dialling sequence.

The system can store extensive directories and allows agents to call with one-click, eliminating the redundant action of manually dialling numbers.

This combination of features enables your organisation to reach new levels of productivity while hitting important customer service benchmarks.

What can the Call Design team do for you?

As with anything, these tools are only effective when you know what to do with them. From understanding how to use this resource to advance your larger organisational goals to simply learning how to apply the various functions effectively, your knowledge is what will drive better outcomes when using this tool.

When you work with Call Design, you are employing the help of dedicated experts in all things workforce optimisation. We pride ourselves on being able to solve any problem that comes our way and we’re always happy to help! Working with our team means you’ll receive three key services:

Personalised Consultation: When you decide our Dialler product suits your business needs, we will schedule a series of meetings with your team for consultation purposes. In these meetings we will determine what you require the product to do, how this can advance your overall organisational goals and then propose an action plan that addresses these needs.

Tailored Integration: Our Call Design team is renowned for their ability to solve integration puzzles. Whatever phone system you are using, we can ensure Dialler will integrate properly. After consulting with you, our team will draw up a design plan to ensure Dialler can be implemented effectively.

Customised Training Services: Training is arguably the most important step of any business process. In order for the Dialler product to reach its full potential, you’ll need to hold education sessions for your entire team. Call Design can provide a wide range of training options – from step-by- step tutorials to broad overviews.

For over two decades, Call Design has helped businesses mould our range of Workforce Optimisation solutions to fit their needs. We have the expertise to not only walk you through every function of the Quality Management platform but to also help you use it in a way that directly addresses your core business objectives.

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