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Aspect Channel Partner, Call Design, Named Premiere Australian Partner

Published 21st August, 2019

This change makes Call Design the sole partner in Australia supporting Aspect Software customers in the market. International workforce optimisation solutions company, Call Design, has achieved premier partner status with technology giant, Aspect Software’s workforce management solutions in the Australian…

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Why and how to adopt a culture of knowledge sharing

Published 1st March, 2019

Knowledge sharing is an essential part of keeping skills and expertise in your business. So how can you implement it effectively?

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How to motivate employees with non monetary incentives

Published 1st March, 2019

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. But why not combine the two? Gamification, among other measures, can greatly improve motivation among your agents.

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The importance of operational planning for your business

Published 15th February, 2019

When it comes to workforce management, operational planning is the key in ensuring your organisation is on track to meet its short-term targets.

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Business growth and high staff turnover: what to do about it

Published 7th February, 2019

A high turnover can be a major thorn in the side for business growth. Let’s have a look at why it happens, and what you do about it.

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What’s next? Future proofing your contact centre

Published 20th December, 2018

With consumer habits – and the technologies that facilitate them – constantly changing, contact centre managers need to always have an eye on future trends.

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Meeting your requirements: Call Design’s customised courses

Published 13th December, 2018

Is there something not quite right in your contact centre, but you can’t quite pin down what? Call Design’s customised contact centre courses can help.

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Inbound vs. outbound contact centre channels

Published 5th December, 2018

The lines between inbound and outbound contact centres have blurred, and more channels are available than ever before. So what channels should your agents use?

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How to measure good customer service

Published 23rd November, 2018

Quantifying your customer service is essential to maintain standards and further improve. So how can you effectively quantify your process?

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4 features to look for in your next workforce planning tool

Published 16th November, 2018

If you’re in the market for a new workforce planning tool, you need a suite that is future proofed, easy to access and use, and packs bang for buck.

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