High-level cloud based WFO Solutions

Not long ago, enterprise-wide workforce optimisation software was only available to those who could foot the bill. But with the rise of modern technology, cloud-based WFO and WFM software is now available to contact centres, back offices and retailers everywhere. With Call Design we can deliver cost-effective WFO solutions to any size business thanks to our focus on modern technology and industry-leading customer care.

Cloud-based WFM and WFO

At Call Design, we use the cloud as a mechanism to deliver our raft of WFO solutions, including the internationally renowned Aspect WFM platform. Historically, technology of this nature has required business owners to invest a significant up-front cost into new software, plus the hardware to support it. However, our cloud-based solution departs from this costly norm and offers enterprise-level software at a much lower level of cost and complexity.

Benefits of our offering


We’ve cleared the way for SMBs to access enterprise-wide WFO suites by offering our product on a highly cost-effective subscription model. When you integrate a Call Design suite with your existing business infrastructure, you sign on to a rolling charge that can come out of the company’s operational expenses in small, manageable amounts.

Simple to install and manage

For businesses who aren’t sure about taking the important leap to better workforce optimisation, Call Design’s modular solutions are especially useful. You don’t need to purchase an entire tool belt if you only need the hammer: Our consultants can work closely with you to integrate only what is right for your business. If you wish to upgrade later, you don’t need to re-purchase an entire suite, just the additional modules you now require.

What makes Call Design special?

It’s not just our cloud solutions that make us special. Since 1999, Call Design has had a strong focus on building trusted partnerships with our clients and offering a supreme level of customer care. Our consultants will work either on-site or remotely to review your current business practices and figure out how best our services can fit into your company – not the other way around. We aren’t just your average WFO software sellers, we’re a valuable partner and support system as well.


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