Compatibility Software For Workforce Management

Every company’s approach to workforce optimization is different.

Customised integration solutions from Call Design help streamline your Workforce Optimisation product workflows. Call Design developed this compatibility software for workforce management so that our clients can integrate their unique systems and data into our suite of Workforce Management solutions. If we don’t support one of your pre-existing systems out-of-the-box, we turn to VQ Connect to devise a new approach. Our compatibility software makes sure that is possible. Whether it’s simply pulling in old data to populate your new Workforce Management Suite or devising a permanent system to draw legacy data into an individual WFM product – we can create a solution for you.

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How does VQ Connect work?

With VQ Connect, you create a two-way conversation between any third-party software and our Workforce Management products. Our team of experts has over two decades of experience creating integrated solutions that work with any system or platform out there.

What are the key features of VQ Connect include?

historical interface


Historical and real-time interfaces to pull data into Workforce Management Forecasting, Intraday Management and Real-Time Adherence for Genesys, Cisco and many others.

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Two-way sync services automate WFM user administration data to and from WFM and outside targets.

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Payroll integrations share employee data, vacation time and scheduled hours between WFM and various payroll and HR systems.

Call Design’s VQ Connect is the ultimate unifier.

Call Design’s VQ Connect product is the ultimate unifier. We acknowledge the importance of system data input and we are passionate about making these system connections for your business and our team’s custom approach is to meet the integration needs of your business with any system.

You need holistic information to make holistic decisions. VQ Connect is important for companies looking to use pre-existing data and systems to inform their new workforce management products. The more you know, the more you can improve. The more you know, the more you can improve.


What can the Call Design team do for you?

Call Design’s team has the experience and knowledge to create a solution that flawlessly connects your old systems with your new ones for genuine workforce optimization When you choose to work with Call Design you will have a team of experts that are constantly in your corner. We care about helping you achieve your business objectives and are determined to ensure you have all the data you need to do so.