Are your staff as good as they can be? Do they know how to use the tools available to them?

Training is a vital part of the contact centre, retailer or back office equation. When you invest the time and care in training your team leaders, your business will reap dividends in return. We understand this here at Call Design Australia, which is why our workforce optimisation service isn’t complete without effective training. We can bring your staff up to speed on current industry best practice, as well as provide effective training on our workforce management solutions and tools.

Workforce management training in Australia

Aspect WFM software is one of the world’s leading workforce management platforms, able to deliver modern, fast-paced data to modern, fast-paced companies. When partnering this enterprise-level software with a team of leaders who understand the best practices of their industry, you have a duo upon which to build a solid future for your business.

Call Design offers two training services for creating one effective team

Let’s go into detail now about what we can deliver:

Better leaders means better results, period. Just look at the evidence – highly-trained women in leadership roles increase company profitability, according to the Peterson Institute for International Economics. Additionally, a Louis Harris and Associates poll found that employees are less likely to leave a company within a year if it offers them training opportunities. Simply put, leaders who know more can do more. So, Call Design offers a raft of best-practice courses, including coaching team leaders, quality management, WFM essentials for workforce planners, and more. This isn’t about software – it’s about doing the best possible job your staff can in their industry.

Additionally, Call Design is an Australian leader in workforce optimisation. We can deliver internationally renowned Aspect WFM software to local businesses both large and small in a cost-effective, cloud-based solution. However, we don’t just install the software and walk away. We pride ourselves on our superior customer service, which is why we offer full product training for all the tools in our tool belt. This means your leaders and staff will have access to the forecasting power of Aspect, can access this solution via their mobile devices with ME Mobile, get real-time scheduling updates through VQ Connect, and more – all without the hassle of figuring out how on Earth it even works.

Our training can be provided on-site by one of our expert consultants, who can even tailor a course to suit your individual business needs. We also fully understand the benefits of practical training, so our courses blend classroom seminars with practical, hands-on experiences. We then measure your employees based on the specifics of your chosen course, providing valuable feedback upon completion in order for them to keep improving long into the future.

Why choose Call Design?

Call Design is one of Australia’s most trusted workforce optimisation partners. We’ve been working with local businesses since 1999, delivering some of the world’s most up-to-date solutions to our clients, be they enterprise-level, SMBs, or anyone in between.

This level of trust hasn’t been built solely on the high quality of our products, though. We believe firmly in the idea of partnering with companies and working side-by-side to fully and seamlessly integrate our WFM and WFO solutions into their existing business infrastructure. This way companies can not only keep doing what they do best, using the methods they are comfortable with, but we can work hard to improve those very same methods – leading to less business disruption during the improvement process.

We can achieve this through our tried-and-true four-step consultation process. When you sign on with Call Design, our team can work either remotely or on site to review your business and how it operates, then put together a clear, practical plan for implementing our optimisation recommendations.

We’ll work closely with you to help manage this change, and ensure all of your staff members are comfortable with the new, modern tools available to them. That’s where our training comes in – updating your staff at the same time as we update their tools.

When it’s all wrapped up, we can continue to monitor all changes to further optimise them and increase their effectiveness. And even after our consultant leaves you in the hands of your new software suite, our 24-hour contact centre is standing by to offer further assistance if required.

So what are you waiting for?

If you’d like to learn more about the training options available with Call Design, or our raft of WFM and WFO tools, contact us today.

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