Remaining adherent to internal schedules plays an important role in the service you provide your customers.

You want to make sure there are always staff members where they need to be, when they need to be. VQ Alert is a workforce management solution that was designed to ensure your team is in the right place, at the right time, for the right reasons.

How does VQ Alert work?

VQ Alert runs on all of your team members’ computers and provides real-time notifications regarding their schedules. From updates to reminders, the product exists to ensure your staff knows where they need to be at all times.

The software only works when connected to Call Design’s pre-existing Workforce Management products – meaning the benefits of VQ alert are only available to clients currently using our WFM solutions, or those planning to buy a license.

That’s because VQ Alert pulls scheduling information from these systems to provide accurate notifications for your staff. Alerts can be configured to trigger at the start and completion of a particular task, as well as providing advanced warning a few minutes prior to a new scheduling segment.

The features and benefits of VQ Alert

The closer your team is to staying on task, the better positioned you are to provide exceptional levels of customer service. All of the features of VQ Alert were designed with this mind – here are some of the most useful tools included in the platform:

  • Pop-up reminders to inform staff of upcoming events.
  • Full audit trail reporting, which shows receipts for when staff engage with alerts.
  • Broadcast features which provide employee group messaging options to alert staff of last minute schedule changes or urgent messages and notifications.
  • A platform for sharing continuous learning resources, internal web links, product updates and beyond, with the entire organisation in one click.
  • A fully customisable interface – configure icons, colours and time frames.
  • Web links to intranet for product updates and eLearning.

These tools are fully configurable to meet the needs of any event message or time frame and allow admins to create personalised notifications for individual agents. VQ Alert has a direct impact on adherence from the start. With this workforce management solution, our clients have enjoyed the benefits of:

  • An increased level of employee control over their individual adherence results
  • An overall positive impact on adherence statistics
  • A proactive culture around adherence
  • Increases in overall customer service as a result of improved adherence

Bottom line: VQ Alert helps streamline scheduling and adherence to improve customer service, while also giving your team members the tools they need to succeed with their time management. What’s not to love?

What can the Call Design team do for you?

Our team at Call Design is here to guide you through the implementation and application of VQ Alert in your organisation. For over two decades, we’ve been helping leaders on their journey to truly optimising their workforce – VQ Alert is one of the many steps you can take to get there.

When you choose to purchase VQ Alert through Call Design, you’ll have a team of experts there to train you in the best uses for this workforce management solution. These training sessions can be catered to your unique business objectives so that you are using the various features in a way that helps you deliver on your adherence goals. Whether you need an in-depth tutorial on every single function or a quick overview covering how to streamline your VQ Alert strategy – we’ve got you covered.

The more your team adheres to their schedules, the better results your company will get for your customers. It’s a proven outcome we’ve seen time and time again when helping customers implement this product in their workplace.

Working with Call Design and VQ Alert helps you reach these adherence goals faster. To learn more about how you can get started, reach out to one of our team members today.

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