Contact centres, back offices and retail businesses are busy places, and having a workforce that isn’t optimised could be costing you.

Stress alone – often found in overworked staff without the right tools for the job – costs the Australian economy up to $14 billion a year, according to Medibank Private. Already, then, we can start to see the financial benefit of ensuring you have the right staff for the job, that your agents are in the right place at the right time, and employees have access to data that could empower their work.

At Call Design, we don’t believe in just selling a product and walking away. We’re committed to building relationships with our clients and working closely to integrate our workforce optimisation services into their existing business culture.

We have the expertise to harmonise with some of Australia’s leading enterprise-level businesses, and the empathy and care to simultaneously provide this same high-level service to SMBs. But adopting new workforce optimisation technology like Aspect WFM doesn’t start with just buying a license and going for gold – not if you want to do it right, that is. So here at Call Design, we offer an in-depth and carefully considered consultation process to all of our customers.

Consulting to optimise my workforce

When a Call Design expert comes in to help optimise your workforce, we’ll conduct a thorough assessment of its current state and grow out from there. We work on-site and hand-in-hand with your office managers to ensure that we have an accurate picture of where you are and, more importantly, where you need to be. We can examine elements like staff performance, quality processes, what analytics you currently deploy, the software you use to schedule and forecast – all things that are important to a successful business. We may also interview key stakeholders and gather their stories about the current state of business, and see where we can help on an individual level.

This is the benefit of our four-step workforce optimisation consultation process. Armed with this knowledge, we can direct your office managers to the appropriate Call Design product to best suit your needs.

So what exactly is our four-step process, and how will it benefit you?

All improvements for the future must first start by assessing the past and present. The “as-is” state of your business is very important to us. It helps us ascertain which of your current practices are vital to the running of the business, and where our workforce optimisation solutions could be seamlessly integrated. Through a series of workshops and consultation sessions, we’ll be in a position to understand your “to-be” state – what you wish to achieve – and can begin working towards it.

Now we start to plan the first steps. In our design phase, your Call Design experts will develop a workforce optimisation approach that meets the needs of your business. In addition to putting together an end-to-end workforce optimisation plan, we can also facilitate workshops to determine and design a WFO process at a high level, and properly document the key process requirements.

It’s also critical that we agree on your desired KPIs, so this step ends with a clear evaluation of the operational impact this change management plan will entail.

In Step 3, we begin to put in place the key changes required to meet the outlined KPIs. This will of course involve the implementation of all agreed WFO processes, which could include integrating Aspect WFM into your staff culture, delivering key training on any new software, and myriad other tasks both large and small. Change management is a major component of Step 3, and Call Design will be working closely with you and your office managers to assist with the new process adoption.

Installing new processes without reviewing their effectiveness could undermine the entire effort, which is why Step 4 of Call Design’s WFO consulting is all about improving effectiveness and efficiency.

We remain involved even after our products have been integrated to ensure that all new changes and supporting tools are working as they were intended, and that staff have the support they need to feel confident in their use. We will also provide reports on all changes made, to maintain strict documentation quality and transparent communication.

The Call Design difference

Here at Call Design, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality workforce optimisation solutions to Australian businesses, but we’re even prouder of our service. Since 1999, we’ve worked hard to build strong and trusted relationships with our clients. Our expert team has a focus on approachability, and we work tirelessly to ensure that any new solution adopted through Call Design moulds perfectly into your business culture.

With our blend of consultation, on-site training and after-service care, we’re confident that Call Design is the right choice for your workforce optimisation needs.

So what are you waiting for?

If you’d like to speak with one of our team members, or to learn more about the services we offer, contact us today.

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