5 ways to implement a performance management program

Published on 5th June, 2018 in Performance Management, Workforce Management

Are you looking to enhance productivity and ensure your organisation's goals are met? A workplace performance management program will provide you with a clear pathway to achieving your corporate goals.

A workplace performance management program will get you on the right path.A performance management program will provide you with a clear pathway to achieving your business objectives.

What is performance management?

Effective performance management monitors the progress being made towards achieving corporate objectives. Targeted performance management software can be used to uncover actionable insights, which enable leaders to optimise the performance of their staff.

How can I implement a successful Performance Management Program?

1. Identify your business objectives and align your KPIs

You may already have a performance management program in place, however, it's important to reevaluate this periodically as your business grows or your goals change. To update or implement a performance management program, you'll need to identify the objectives of your organisation and set effective staff KPIs to align with the overall business objectives. The ACES acronym can help define your workplace goals:

Achieve – What do you hope to achieve?

Conserve – What do you want to maintain?

Eliminate – What is no longer providing benefit to your business?

Steer clear – What do you want to avoid?

2. Analyse your current situation

Do you currently have a performance management program in place? Why is it not providing you with the data you need to improve productivity? Are certain KPIs driving the wrong behaviours? 

Performance management programs can be used to set personal targets.A performance management program can be used to monitor strategic goals.

3. Enrol in a performance management course

Make sure your managers have the skills they need to implement and maintain a robust performance management program. Call Design's Performance Management Essentials course enables you to implement a successful performance management program by teaching managers and team leaders the ACTIV8 methodology:

  • Align
  • Connect
  • Teach
  • Influence
  • Validate

4. Educate your staff

Once your managers have completed the two-day Performance Management Essentials course, they'll be able to educate staff. Team leaders can initiate dialogue with staff about how a new performance management program can be used to set and monitor strategic goals and to help them achieve their personal targets.

5. Learn about performance management software

Aspect's Performance Management software is a great tool when it comes to generating and monitoring data. Dashboards, scorecards and reports are used to collect, collate and display information specifically targeted to all roles in your organisation. The data generated is clear and easy to read, and it enables leaders and staff to optimise their performance.

For more information on implementing a successful performance management program, get in touch with the experts at Call Design.