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The Cloud….. so what??

Published 13th November, 2018

I’ve been thinking about the cloud for a long time now, and while there is no doubt that it is here to stay for the foreseeable future, I’ve been asking myself… so what? I know that it is seen by…

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Absence management: Methods for reducing worker absenteeism

Published 6th November, 2018

Absenteeism is a problem in Australia, and could be costing your business. To solve this issue, try these absence management best practices.

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Terminology 101: Customer service vs customer experience

Published 1st November, 2018

Customer service and customer experience may sound like they encompass the same ideas, but there are also crucial differences. This article explains.

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Workforce Management as we know it is changing

Published 19th October, 2018

As life becomes more complex, workforce management is changing. Discover three important truths about modern WFM.

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How good software can help with your staff management needs

Published 15th October, 2018

Looking for ways to improve your staff management? Great software can centralise your all-important company data, saving you time and keeping standards high.

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What is a Net Promoter Score© and how do you improve it?

Published 11th October, 2018

Net Promoter Scores© provide a valuable metric for businesses. But what does a good Net Promoter Score© look like, and how can you improve yours?

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Why engagement management is vital for contact centres

Published 4th October, 2018

Agent engagement means more than just happy customers. Here’s how interested and invested employees will impact your business now, and in the future.

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Why promoting teamwork is crucial to your business

Published 2nd October, 2018

As we embrace digital technology and the millennial workforce, traditional ideas around team work need updating. This article will tell you more.

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Contact centres: methods for accurate forecasting

Published 27th September, 2018

Accurate and effective forecasting allows managers to ensure there are always enough staff to meet the workload, whilst also keeping staff costs as low as possible.

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Instilling purpose: Creating a cohesive contact centre

Published 27th September, 2018

Consistently high quality customer interactions are key to business. Here’s how aligning goals and empowering agents can benefit your contact centre.

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