Every company’s approach to workforce optimisation is different.

That’s because every organisation has a different set of needs and objectives – not to mention a varying set of budget restrictions. That’s where VQ Connect comes in.

Call Design developed this compatibility software for workforce management so that our clients can integrate their unique systems and data into our suite of Workforce Management solutions. If we don’t support one of your pre-existing systems out-of- the-box, we turn to VQ Connect to devise a new approach.

This product is critical because to truly optimise your workforce – whether it be through the lens of quality, performance, adherence or beyond – you need to leverage all the internal data available to you. Our compatibility software makes sure that is possible. Whether it’s simply pulling in old data to populate your new Workforce Management Suite or devising a permanent system to draw legacy data into an individual WFM product – we can create a solution for you.

How does VQ Connect work?

Customised integration solutions from Call Design help streamline your Workforce Optimisation product workflows. With VQ Connect, you can create two way conversations between any third-party software and our Workforce Management products. The connection process is something we will finalise during our consultation and design process but our team has over two decades of experience creating integration solutions that work with any system or platform out there.

Some of the key features of VQ Connect include:

Historical and real-time interfaces to pull data into Workforce Management Forecasting, Intraday Management and Real-Time Adherence for Genesys, Cisco and many others

Two-way sync services automate WFM user administration data to and from WFM and outside targets

Payroll integrations share employee data, vacation time and scheduled hours between WFM and various payroll and HR systems

Call Design’s VQ Connect product is the ultimate unifier. There are a handful of companies out there that offer an integration solution for certain systems but not others, our team’s custom approach means we can meet the integration needs of any business with any system – big or small.

We are passionate about making these system connections because we know just how important it is to pull data from all your organisation’s systems. So many businesses make decisions with piecemeal information and wonder why they aren’t seeing results. The truth is you can only make impactful decisions about major business drivers like performance and quality when you consider all the information at once.

Bottom line: You need holistic information to make holistic decisions. VQ Connect is important for companies looking to use pre-existing data and systems to inform their new workforce management suite or products. The more you know, the more you can improve.

What can the Call Design team do for you?

When it comes to VQ Connect, our team provides you with four core functions that exist in a continuous cycle of improvement: Consultation, design and training.

Personalised consultation: When you first sign on for VQ Connect your team will have a meeting with some of our design experts – either on-site or remotely. We will discuss what you are looking to connect to your Workforce Management products and have a chat about what goals you are trying to achieve from this connection. This conversation will inform our design process and allow us to create a personalised action plan for your business moving forward with our Workforce Management solutions.

Targeted design: From there, our team will hit the design books and begin creating a custom version of VQ connect to meet your needs. The design period will vary based on the size of the task at hand but we can assure you we will find a way to integrate the necessary products into your new WFM systems.

Customised training services: Once we have created a version of VQ Connect that fits your needs, we will begin the training process. Whether you want us to train a few managers or your entire staff, we will make sure the necessary people understand how the connector works and what it means for your data. We can hold as many or as few training sessions as you need, either on-site or remotely via the cloud.

Our team has the experience and knowledge to create a solution that flawlessly connects your old systems with your new ones for genuine workforce optimisation. When you choose to work with Call Design you will have a team of experts that are constantly in your corner. We care about helping you achieve your business objectives and are determined to ensure you have all the data you need to do so. To learn more, reach out to one of our team members today!

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